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Taiwan, the Lucky Land

The lucky draw for a prize of a TWD5,000 voucher

International visitors can now participate in the lucky draw for a prize of a TWD5,000 voucher for use in Humble Boutique Hotel.

The "Taiwan, the Lucky Land" promotion was launched by the Tourism Bureau to attract even more foreign tourists to Taiwan. Independent international tourists arriving in Taiwan will have the opportunity to draw prizes of TWD5,000 in spending credits. To participate, travelers to Taiwan need to register on the event website from 1-7 days before their flight is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan.

Campaign Period: 12 pm on May 1, 2023 to June 30, 2025 (However, it will not be issued once the quota issued for the year is exhausted.)

Eligibility: Foreign independent travelers who hold foreign (non-ROC) passports, have stayed in Taiwan for 3-90 days, are not members of tour groups, and are not applying for any group-related ROC travel incentives.

More Info: 【Taiwan the Lucky Land】official website

How to Join: Travelers may register from 1-7 days before their scheduled arrival date in Taiwan. Log in to the event website and provide the requested information (such as name, nationality, passport number, flight number, dates of arrival/departure and e-mail address). Select the type of payment type you would like to receive (Humble Boutique Hotel only receives the accommodation discount coupon). Once your registration is successful, the system will automatically provide your registered e-mail address a lucky draw QR code. If the lottery screen shows that you have won a prize, please present your passport and relevant supporting documents (including entry stamp, boarding pass, and electronic round-trip air ticket) to the staff at the prize redemption area. You will then sign to confirm receipt and collect your prize. The type of prize you receive will be in accordance with that which you requested at the time of registration.