As the private-label brand of My Humble House Group, Humble Boutique Hotel offers experience from the heart, allowing guests to travel the neighborhood through the colorful alleyways and share the urban life. The hotel will become a focus of the community and create an oasis for the body and mind of the city traveler.

My Humble House occupies the first to the tenth floors of a vertical co-integration building / boutique hotel. The 1st to 10th floors of the 24 storey building is Humble Boutique Hotel. Adhering to My Humble House aesthetics and its unique artistic taste, the hotel was designed by AB Concept to introduce the ideal living style illustrated in The Story of Peach Blossom Spring: “He suddenly came upon a peach grove. At the end of the grove, he saw a spring which came from a cave in the hill. After a dozen steps, it opened into a flood of light.”

The hotel is a tranquil and peaceful sanctuary in the busy and bustling city, aiming to meet the basic needs of guests and provide a sophisticated life style that makes a hotel feel like home, a resting place in the city, embracing the moment, and enriching your heart.